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Terms and Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions constitute an Agreement between the Users (referred to as "you" or "your") and Ploska Ltd (referred to as "us," "our," "we," or "Company,"). The Company is registered as a limited liability company in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number 357670 and has its Registered address at 54 Vasileos Georgiou A, GALATEX BEACH CENTER, Floor E2, Flat/Office 47, Germasogeia, 4047 Limassol, Cyprus.


By accessing this Website, you acknowledge your agreement with and understanding of the following Terms and Conditions concerning both this site and any material within it.

1.1. AGREEMENT DETAILS This document serves as an Agreement between Members /  Users and Ploska Ltd, governing the terms and conditions for accessing and using our Website(s) and/or Services.

1.2. LEGAL USE You agree not to use the Website and/or Services for any unlawful or prohibited purpose as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

1.3. AMENDMENTS The Agreement, subject to amendments, outlines the terms governing the provision of Services by the Company to its Members.

1.4. BINDING CONDITIONS Your access or use of the Website,, constitutes your acceptance of the specified conditions of use. If you do not agree to these conditions, refrain from accessing or using the Website.

1.5. UPDATES The Company retains the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions, and your continued use of the Website and/or Services after any changes indicates your acceptance of such modifications.

1.6. LANGUAGE DISCLAIMER The Company may provide the Agreement and related documents in languages other than English for informational purposes only. In case of a dispute, the English version prevails.

1.7. AGREEMENT PRECEDENCE This Agreement supersedes any other agreements, arrangements, or statements made by the Company or any other party unless determined otherwise by the Company in its sole discretion.

1.8. AGREEMENT ACCEPTANCE Acceptance of the Agreement occurs during the Member registration process, binding you into a legally binding agreement with us.

1.9. CONTACT INFORMATION For questions or notices, please contact the Company at:



  1. The Company shall not be contractually committed to any legal or natural person seeking membership until confirming the opening of the Member’s account.

  2. The Agreement, as amended and published on the Company's Website, supersedes any past, present, or future representations, expressed or implied, made or to be made by the Company or its representatives. It constitutes the sole legally enforceable means defining the relationship between Members and the Company.

  3. The Member acknowledges having read, fully understood, and accepted the contents of this Agreement, along with the Privacy Policy. Solely relying on these contents, the Member willingly enters into a legally binding agreement with the Company. For all information about the Company and its activities, including referenced documentation, the Member should refer to the legal documents posted on the Company's Website.

  4. The Member accepts the responsibility of monitoring updates to the applicable Agreement, as published on the Company's Website. Any viewer or user, whether a Member or User, acknowledges that continued viewing or use of the Website, or accessing information or services offered by the Company, constitutes knowledge and acceptance of the Agreement and its contents.




  1. Users/ Member(s): Individuals or legal entities who create a personal Profile on the Website in accessing the Services.

  2. Profile: The webpage through which Members register their profile and access the Services, accessible through the Website and owned by the Company.

  3. Service(s): Content posted on the Website that can be legitimately accessed by a Member, directly or indirectly by the Website, legal representatives, or employees.

  4. Authorized Partner: Employee, agent, or representative of the Company dealing with Members regarding the use of Website Services.

  5. Intellectual Property Rights: Patents, trademarks, service marks, logos, copyrights, database rights, and other intellectual property rights, registered or unregistered, including applications for registration.

  6. Website: All websites starting with

  7. Privacy Policy: The privacy policy as set in the Company’s Website and as amended from time to time.

  8. Party: Member or Company.

The use of singular or plural, and masculine or feminine, includes the corresponding opposite. Paragraph headings are for reference. References to acts, regulations, or laws include amendments, modifications, supplements, consolidations, re-enactments, replacements, or revisions.



  1. These Terms and Conditions include the following additional terms, which are also relevant to the use of the Website:                                                                                                                                                                          Privacy Policy: Outlining the terms for processing any personal data collected from or provided by Users / Members. This notice also specifies the sharing of uploaded or provided content.


  1. The Company may gather information about a Member's knowledge and experience in their business or professional field to assess the suitability of the envisaged service or product for Users. The Company assumes the accuracy of this information and bears no responsibility for inaccuracies or unreported changes.

  2. Failure by Members to provide sufficient information may hinder the assessment of their knowledge and experience, making it challenging to determine the appropriateness of specific Services. Members subscribing under such circumstances will be accepted, but the Company cannot guarantee the suitability of the provided Services for Users.




  1. The Company does not guarantee continuous availability or uninterrupted access to the Website or its content.

  2. Users are responsible for ensuring their access to the Website by making necessary arrangements.

  3. Access to the Website is temporary, subject to change, withdrawal, or suspension by the Company without prior notice.

  4. The Company holds no liability for any unavailability of the Website at any time.


  1. Only registered Members can access the Website. Members create personal accounts through a written agreement with the Company which will be separately provided with the Company reserving the right, at its discretion and without liability, to reject account creation requests.

  2. Users / Members can refer to the Privacy Policy for information on published and collected data during the registration process and its usage.

  3. Members are entirely responsible for maintaining password security and overall account protection. The Company assumes no responsibility for any actions conducted through a Member's account, requiring immediate notification in case of unauthorized use or breaches.

  4. To delete an account, Members should contact the Company at

  5. While the Company strives for optimal service, it does not guarantee Member suitability for the Services.



  1. Users /  Members must adhere to the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus and any relevant legal frameworks issued by the European Union. The Agreement between Users /  Members should not contradict the aforementioned regulations.


  1. Members are required to pay an annual subscription fee to the Company's Website, with automatic renewal unless termination clauses specified in Section 22 apply.


  1. All copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and other Intellectual Property Rights related to the Website or Services are the exclusive property of the Company.

  2. The Website may include content from third parties, and the term "Intellectual Property Assets" encompasses all materials and content available on the Website.

  3. The content and design of the Website are protected by copyright, trademarks, and intellectual property laws.

  4. Intellectual Property Rights in the Website belong to the Company and/or its licensors.

  5. Users / Members must not copy, reverse engineer, or damage the Intellectual Property Rights of the Company. No part of the Website's content may be downloaded, copied, or reproduced without prior written consent from the Company.

  6. When Users / Members upload content, they assign all rights to the Company. The Company may use the uploaded content and the associated name for promotional purposes.

  7. The Website, its copies, derivatives, associated goodwill, and Intellectual Property Rights are owned solely by the Company or its licensors.

  8. Users / Members must not assign, sublicense, distribute, or decompile the Website. Unauthorized activities, such as fraudulent or illegal actions, are strictly prohibited.

  9. The only authorized domain for the Company is


  1. The content on the Website serves general information purposes for its Members. It is not intended as advice to be relied upon.


  1. Users agree to use the Website for lawful purposes and not to:

    • Breach any applicable laws or regulations.

    • Engage in unlawful or fraudulent activities.

    • Harm or attempt to harm any person, business, or entity.

    • Undermine the purpose and provision of Services.

    • Gain a competitive advantage over businesses in the sector.

    • Act in competition with the Services.

    • Violate the privacy of others.

    • Transmit unsolicited advertising or promotional material.

    • Reproduce, duplicate, or sell any part of the Website without the Company's express consent.


  1. The Website may include links to third-party websites, but the Company has no control over such websites and is not responsible for their content.

  2. Links on the Website are for personal convenience, and the Company does not review or monitor the privacy practices of other websites.

  3. You may link to the Website's homepage in a fair and legal manner that does not damage the Company's reputation.

  4. Links must not suggest an association, approval, or endorsement by the Company where none exists.

  5. The Company reserves the right to withdraw linking permission without notice.



  1. The Company does not guarantee the security or freedom from bugs or viruses on the Website.

  2. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage caused by viruses or technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, data, programs, or other proprietary material while using the Website. The Company has implemented reasonable security measures to prevent such issues.

  3. You are responsible for taking reasonable steps to:

    • Prevent virus infections, security breaches, and other disabling events that could damage the Website through your actions or omissions.

    • Implement and plan to operate and maintain appropriate protection for the security and control of access to your computer, guarding against viruses or other harmful materials, devices, information, or data.


  1. You agree to comply with all applicable laws related to the transmission of technical data, both from Cyprus and the country in which you reside (if different), and with all local laws and rules governing acceptable use and conduct on the Internet.

  2. You agree to indemnify and hold the Company, its employees, and agents harmless from any breach of these Terms and Conditions. Additionally, you agree to bear any claims or demands brought against the Company by third parties arising from your use of the Services or any content submitted, posted, or transmitted through the Services.

  3. You also agree to promptly pay all damages, costs, and expenses, including legal fees, incurred by the Company in the enforcement of any provisions of the Agreement.


  1. The information on the site is provided on an "as is" basis without any representation or endorsement. There is no warranty, whether express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security, and accuracy.

  2. To the extent permitted by law, the Company will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, including loss of business, opportunity, data, or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website/Services.

  3. The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from third parties intercepting information made available to you via the site.

  4. The Company makes no warranty that the functionality of the Website/Services will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the Website/Services or the server making them available are free of viruses or harmful components.

  5. The Company will not be liable for any loss suffered in relation to your use or inability to use the Website, inaccuracies, delays on the Website, or reliance on content.

  6. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or limits the liability of the Company for death or personal injury resulting from negligence.

  7. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a User or Member.

  8. Users agree not to hold the Company, its agents, representatives, or employees liable for instructions, advice, or Services delivered through the Website. The Company disclaims any liability for damages, suits, claims, or controversies arising from such instructions, advice, or Services.



  1. All consumers resident in Europe have the right to file a complaint for any dispute stemming from online sale of goods and services contracts. This is an outside-of-court method, using the alternative dispute resolution platform established by the European Commission. The relevant ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform is available at

  2. You can contact us through email at


  1. We shall not be in breach of this Agreement and shall not be liable or have responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage incurred by you as a result of any total or partial failure, interruption or delay in the performance of this Agreement occasioned by any act of God, fire, war, civil commotion, labour dispute, act of government, state, governmental or supranational body or authority, or any investment exchange and/or clearing house, inability to communicate with market makers for whatever reason, failure of any computer dealing system, any other breakdown or failure of transmission in communication facilities of whatever nature, between us and you or any other third-party whatsoever, or any other reason (whether or not similar in kind to any of the above) beyond our reasonable control (a “Force Majeure Event”). Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party as a direct result of any delay or failure to perform its obligations under these Terms and Conditions as a result of a Force Majeure Event.

  2. If a Force Majeure Event prevents either Party from performing its obligations under these Terms and Conditions for a period of more than four (4) weeks, either Party shall, without limiting its other rights or remedies, have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately by giving written notice to the other Party.

  3. If we determine that a Force Majeure Event exists or is about to occur, then it may (without prejudice to any other rights under this Agreement and at its sole discretion) take such action as it deems necessary or appropriate in the circumstances, having regard to Members / Users, and neither we nor any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, or advisers will be liable for any failure, hindrance, or delay in performing its obligations under this Agreement or for taking or omitting to take any action pursuant to this subparagraph.


  1. The Company will determine at its discretion whether you have failed to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions constitutes a material breach and may result in:

    1. Temporarily or permanently withdrawing your access to the Website;

    2. Commencing legal proceedings against you for your actions;

    3. Disclosing necessary information to law enforcement authorities.


  1. Should any part of these Terms and Conditions be held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable or illegal or contravene any rule or regulation, that part will be deemed to have been excluded from these Terms and Conditions from the beginning, and these Terms and Conditions will be interpreted and enforced as though the provision had never been included. The legality or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions or the legality, validity, or enforceability of this provision in accordance with the applicable laws and/or regulations of any other jurisdiction shall not be affected.



  1. Failure to exercise a right or remedy or any delay in doing so under these Terms and Conditions will not be deemed a waiver of that right or remedy, nor will it constitute a waiver of any other rights or remedies. A waiver of a breach of any term in these Terms and Conditions will not be considered a waiver of any other breach and will not impact the validity of the other terms within these Terms and Conditions.


  1. These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Cyprus. You agree to submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of Cyprus, subject to the dispute resolution provisions outlined hereinafter. For our exclusive benefit, you irrevocably agree that the courts of Cyprus have jurisdiction to settle any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement. Consequently, any legal proceedings may be initiated in such courts.

  2. However, the provisions in this section will not limit the Company's right to pursue legal action against you or any Member in any other court of competent jurisdiction. The initiation of proceedings in one or more jurisdictions will not prevent legal action in any other jurisdiction, whether presently or in the future, to the extent permitted by the laws of that jurisdiction.



  1. Without prejudice to other provisions in Agreements between the Company and Members, including but not limited to these Terms and Conditions, the relationship under this Agreement will remain in effect until terminated by either Party. Either Party may terminate this Agreement (and the relationship between them) by providing seven (7) calendar days' written notice to the other as set in this Agreement. We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and without prior notice if a Member fails to observe or perform any provision of the Agreement, including these Terms and Conditions, excluding Force Majeure.


  1. Upon terminating this Agreement and/or any agreements between us, all amounts payable by you to us will become immediately due and payable. This includes, but is not limited to, outstanding fees, charges, commissions, dealing expenses incurred by terminating this Agreement, and any losses and expenses realized in closing out your subscription.

  2. On termination, we will complete all transactions and/or contracts that are already entered into, and these Terms and Conditions will continue to bind both parties in relation to such contracts.

  3. Contracts will continue to be governed by this Agreement and specific clauses agreed upon until all obligations are fully performed.

  4. In the event that you involve us, directly or indirectly, in any type of fraud, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion and without prejudice to any other rights under the Agreement or any other agreements between us, including these Terms and Conditions, to reverse all previous transactions and/or contracts that could jeopardize our interests or the interests of our other Users /  Members.


  1. Any notice, request, or other communication from you to the Company under this Agreement should be sent to the Company's address (or any other address specified by the Company) via email, facsimile, post (if posted in Cyprus), or airmail (if posted outside Cyprus), or commercial courier service. The notice is considered delivered when received by the Company at the contact details on the first page.

  2. The Company communicates with Users / Members through email, post, commercial courier service, airmail, or the Company's Website. Written Notices from the Company to Users / Members are effective through these methods.

  3. Written Notices from Users / Members to the Company can be communicated through email, post, commercial courier service, airmail, or commercial courier.

  4. Communications to Members / Users (documents, notices, confirmations, etc.) are deemed received:

    • If sent by email, within one hour after emailing, provided the email has left the Company’s outlook.

    • If sent by telephone, once the telephone conversation has finished.

    • If sent by post, seven (7) calendar days after posting.

    • If sent via commercial courier service, on the date of signing the document upon receipt.

    • If sent by air mail, eight (8) Business Days after dispatch.

    • If posted on the Website, within one hour after being posted.


  1. The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties regarding the matters covered. They replace any prior agreement or understanding between you and us on the subject.

  2. You acknowledge and agree that, in entering into the Agreement, you do not rely on, and will have no remedy for, any representation, warranty, or understanding (whether negligently or innocently made) by any person (whether party to the Agreement or not) other than as expressly set out in the Agreement.


By accepting this Terms and Conditions document for Website use, you acknowledge that the official legally binding language is English. In case of discrepancies, English documentation prevails.Top of Form

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